Castello di Pontebosio Luxury Resort is glad to introduce you the New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu, conceived by our Chef Antonio Morelli.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu

Welcome drink with appetizer served at the table:


Flute of Brut with Small Tartare of red Shrimp, buds and lime caviar


Octopus with blown potato, parsley chlorophyll and tomato powder

Fillet of mullet with fois gras and green apple

 Culatello of Zibello with Alpine butter

 Flan of Thistles with pecorino fondue and toasted pinoli


Paccheri con triglie, broccoli ed emulsione di datterino

Tordelli di ricotta e spinaci con zabaione di parmigiano, pancetta croccante e salvia

Paccheri with mullets, broccoli and emulsion of datterino tomato

 avioli with ricotta and spinach with parmesan eggnog, crispy bacon and sage


Stewed lobster with fruit and raw vegetables;

 Guinea fowl rolls filled with savoy cabbage in a dried fruit crust,
with reduction of Vin Santo on crispy spinach


Frozen nougat with red fruit sauce flavored with mint


omemade biscuits


€ 80 drinks per person, drinks not included

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