Spa Center

Pamper yourself and rediscover your psyco-physical balance, away from the rush and the stresses of everyday life, immersed in tuscanian culture…



A true 17th century castle as the impecable location for the cerimony of your dreams

The great halls and the elegant lounges of Castello di Pontebosio will transport you and your guests away into a magic atmosphere and will treat you to an unforgettable day.

It is said that dreams do come true, if the context is right. In this respect, Castello di Pontebosio goes beyond even the highest of expectations. The regal halls for Receptions, the huge Restaurant room, the grand staircases, the intimate corners, like the main cloister, will be decorated, thanks to the experience of our employees, to the exact taste of our guests and the Castle will be tranformed into the ideal setting for your special day.

Each one of the Castle’s halls has been adorned with art pieces and luxurious furnishings. It is all planned to enchant, to give you the chance to live your perfect romantic fairy tale.




An historical mansion where one breathes an atmosphere of culture, elegance, class, longevity and stability

The Resort is the ideal setting for meetings, conferences, congresses and business events. We offer a plethora of options for ur guests to choose from: noble halls, a magnificent library as well as various board rooms. They are all equipped with every comfort as well as with all the supplies needed for business meetings and conferences.

Moreover, our staff will be pleased to present your guests with services like coffee breaks, welcome cocktails, buffet lunches and dinners.

Halls & Parlors

Resort Pontebosio is equipped with numerous common spaces, elegant and refined lounges that the guests will have the possibility to freely enjoy during their stay. To enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation, simply reading a book or sipping onto a drink, will be a unique experience thanks to the luxurious furnishings and the evocative atmosphere surrounding the Castle. Our Giovan Spinetta terrace is the ideal place to abandon the stress of your every day life and live moments of tranquillity, enchanted by the breathtaking view of the sweetly declining Lunigiana’s hills.

Relax | Culture | Meditation

Restaurant & Meditation Bar

The art of good cousine, the care put in the preparation of every exquisite dish: Resort Pontebosio’s Restaurant is an essential stop where you can savour the typical cousine of this territory in dishes prepared for you by our higly skilled Chefs, whose cousine is built around a profound respect for historic culinary traditions.

Next to the Restaurant, the bar and the coffee room will welcome the guests and will entratain them with the offer of select teas and coffee, as well as champagne, wine, whisky and amaros from the finest etiquets.

Library with Ancient Manuscripts

The historical importance of the castle isn’t preserved only by its aristocratic 17th century structure, but also on the inside of its halls. Library Angel Maria was restored with extreme care to the manuscripts that it carries. These are ancient texts, compiled on parchment by amanuenses monks. The manuscripts are often finished with gold foil and covered with prescious velvet bindings, encrusted with precious stones and embossed in silver and gold.

These are unique volumes, which will fascinate you and transport you back into a different time, to help you trace the roots and discover the cultural tradition of the Tuscanian territory.